Pumpkin Android 5.1 Car GPS DVD with Adjustable Angle Touchsreen


Awesome stereo has many features.                                  

--by LVN

Awesome stereo I would recommend this to a friend. I purchased this Pumpkin double din stereo for my Jeep grand Cherokee 2004. This was not an easy install as my car accepts only a single din stereo, but I have a long history of installing stereos, and already had a fairly good idea of what to do. I also purchased a aftermarket bezel that allowed me to put the two din into my one din stereo.


For anyone who does not have any sort of previous electronic or stereo experience, this would normally require custom professional installation if you did not already have a double din space.


As for the stereo itself, let me start by saying that the stereo is very complicated and has many features. It is made by pumpkin which given how much German was in the manual I believe may be a Company of German origin. I am very impressed by the stereo. I have watched movies on DVD, used apps like the Calculator, surf the Internet usein the Wi-Fi at my home and at businesses like McDs that offer free Wi-Fi. I had no problems with logging in to any of their permission screens. The Internet antenna is very impressive the FM radio antenna Works well and also offers a auto-program feature I ended up with probably 50 local stations. Some of which, obviously, were better than others.


This is an awesome stereo and I hope it lasts for a long time and appears that it will. I have been using the stereo for about three weeks and I have enjoyed every feature. It also has a function where you can turn off the display while still listening to music and this is great because I have sensitive eyes and nighttime driving a 7 inch screen can be very distracting so I thought this was a great feature. There are many other functions and features that I have not used .


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